Tuesday, December 10, 2013

PUBLISHED!!! Really Excited and Proud!!

Our hard work and web creations 
were featured in a published article today!

The article featured 3 of our 7 websites!! 

Our Blooming Apps...
 And our Research Website...
 A little bit of background:
Karen and I started the Blooms Web Tools, so that we had a place to house the webtools we discovered and were using to help teachers integrate technology.  As it grew...we had to find a way to organize so we applied them to categories of Blooms Taxonomy.  And it grew and grew....Then our district bought ipads for k-3 teachers...so I created the Blooming Apps page.  It has over 200 free apps, again aligned to Blooms Taxonomy.  As our district moves towards a blended learning environment, I then created the Research Webpage to house the many search engines Karen and I researched, and information about citations, Big 6 and how to evaluate webcontent.  

We have also several other sites, that we hope will be featured soon;  Gen Z, Games in Education, Digital Citizenship for Educators, and soon to be available: Online Safety. 

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