Friday, November 22, 2013

Global Education Conference

Global Education Conference

If you did not attend any sessions at the Global Education Conference this week - my my what you missed.  In otherwords - if you aren't bleary eyed from early sessions before work, late sessions through the night, or multi-tasking overload from trying to listen in while performing your regular work duties..and your head is so overloaded with new information that you had to power down and....let the dog out....prepare and eat food.....yep you missed it.  I for one, am so unsettled with what am I supposed to be doing now that it is over...that I may just spend the evening to start viewing recordings or my notes.
So hey - -You missed it??? No worries: the sessions were recorded, and so get ready to spend your holiday break making global connections. 

The content was rich and varied, the presenters were inspirational and knowledgeable and the connections to be made for educators to connect their classroom globally were numerous enough to meet every need. Even students involved in projects presented.

I really don't know how in the world to summarize other than to say...

If you want to learn WITH another country or culture...
If your want to make global connections a part of your teaching experience....
If you want to broaden your Professional Development or Professional Learning Network
If you want to be reminded that teachers are responsible for guiding the LEARNING that occurs
If you are rather tired of following curriculum rules and mandates that don't get students engaged or excited about real world learning and you are ready for revolutionizing some part of your educational experience
If you want to flatten the world for your students

Then go here: start viewing these recordings, and start crossing off those IFs.

PS - a Special Thanks to all the presenters and to Steve Hargadon Ed Tech Superman

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  1. Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't #GlobalEdConference